As public dissatisfaction with Scotland’s media coverage intensifies, a look at ways in which to deal with it: Celtic, Rangers and the indyref: There’s no such thing as a selective free press

Reaction to the Scottish independence referendum result and a view on the new political landscape of Scotland: The power of the 45

A look at Neil Lennon’s tenure as Celtic manager following news of his departure from the club: How Neil Lennon brought back the Thunder – and our pride

Celtic star Leigh Griffiths has become a point of controversy within the club’s support: The curious case of Leigh Griffiths

Trouble flares up at Fir Park: Zero Tolerance

Exploring the political implications of the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications Act: How Eck’s Offensive Behaviour at Football could influence the #indyref

A personal view on anti-Irish racism in Scotland: Let The People Sing

Celtic respond to sexism at the Elfsborg game: Club clear and unequivocal: Treat women with respect at Celtic Park

Are women treated with respect at Celtic Park? Get your wits out for the ghirls

As the problem of Twitter abuse hits the UK headlines, the story of a real-life encounter: My close encounter with a Rangers troll

Reaction to the Scottish Sun illustrating an arson story with pictures of Celtic fans and manager Neil Lennon and the standard of Scottish journalism: The Scottish Sun, Thugs n Thieves, Celtic FC and a better standard of journalism

Amid turmoil at Ibrox, the rallying cry for season tickets begins – fans should ask questions: They are The People

As the end of Scottish football’s first season without Rangers since the club’s collapse in 2012, are Celtic fans missing their old rivals?: Are Celtic fans missing Rangers?

A demonstration three weeks after the infamous Gallowgate incident sends a message to the Scottish government and Strathclyde police: “You won’t beat us off the streets” – football fans’ message to the Scottish government gets louder

After being the only journalist on the scene at a Celtic fan group march highlighting police harassment, a piece highlighting big questions hanging over the role of the club in protecting fans: Praying for the soul of Celtic

A view on the verdict of an investigation into player registrations at Rangers during the EBT era, led by Lord Nimmo Smith: Rangers broke the rules but get to keep the trophies – Scottish football needs a revolution

As the news that HMRC has lodged an appeal on the verdict of the first-tier tax tribunal regarding liquidated club Rangers’ taxes, Charles Green asks an important question: Charles Green’s big taxing question

Addressing The Rangers’ new PR man, former Daily Record journalist Jim Traynor, and his relevance to Scottish football: Jim Traynor, Scottish football and Justice

After four people were arrested at a Boxing Day football game between Dundee and Celtic at Dens Park, a look at the questions facing the Celtic support: The threat to the Celtic support

A commentary on the status of NewCo Rangers: Why the word Sevco matters

Amid the controversy surrounding Downfall: How Rangers FC self-destructed by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, a book Angela edited, an opinion piece was published on a highly regarded Scots law blog regarding a serialisation of the book being pulled at the Scottish Sun and the potential consequences for Rangers fans: The Book, The Sun and The Rangers – by Angela Haggerty, editor of “Downfall”

An opinion piece on the future of one of the Isle of Bute’s radio stations, Bute Fm, 18 months after Angela resigned from her weekly show over serious management concerns: The future of Bute Fm

One thought on “Opinion

  1. Mick December 18, 2012 at 6:50 am Reply

    Angela, stand tall please. Rangers Media’s ‘finest’ D’Artegnan (the irony of his moniker obviously passed him by) has chosen to vilify you.

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